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About Class C Ip Checker

IP is a short form of Internet Protocol Address. An IP is a string of number that used to indicate the location of a device that is connected to the Internet. For Example, you have unique Passport ID, Mobile Number as well as Unique house Number. Same like this when you connected to the internet, your Internet service provider assigns you a unique IP Address.

Each computer which is connected to the internet has a unique IP Address. It helps to detect this computer or device’s location.

There are Two Different versions of IP’s.

  • IPv4
  • IPv6

IPv4 Supports to only 4.3 Billion Devices, and new technology is introduced that is called IPv6. IPv6 Supports 3.4*104 Devices. Most commonly used technique is IPv4. IPv4 version of Internet Protocol has five classes ranged from A to E.

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E

Class C IP Address is used when you want to host multiple websites. You can check duplicate ip addresses and C blocks from the same hosting.

Hosting multiple websites on the same ip address can harm you website ranking in the search engines. Also this tool is very useful when you get some backlinks from other websites. If all websites that are linking to your domain have same Class C blocks then it not good for ranking.

If you have hosted your website on the same company servers then there are lots of chances that you will get same ip addresses. No doubt it will not harm your ranking, but if you are getting links from that hosting then it will affect your ranking.

Why Use This Tool?

Use this tool to determine selected websites are hosted on same C Class Range or not. It is very Useful tool identify dangerous websites in your neighborhood and using same Class. It also helps to check same subnet IP addresses. If any website that is a host on the same range, you have to take care before your IP Class gets blacklisted and you face any trouble.

How to Use this Tool?

Follow these steps to check Class C of IP

  • Write Domain Name in Text Area. Otherwise if you have copied URL, then paste it here.
  • If want to Check multiple domains Class C IPs, Enter Each URL in Separate Line.
  • Press Check Detail Button

These are three steps, follow them and let our tool to collect all IP addresses and calculate them. Our Advance Tool will display results in seconds, all result will be arranged in Table. It will also display either status is valid or not.

Reliable tips for avoiding IP address tracking for your website

There are certain methods of avoiding IP address tracking like changing the IP address after regular intervals. Another useful tip is to link with DSL account as it will keep on changing the IP address every time the modem or device is turned off. The next time you turn on the device, you will have a new IP address. This is very helpful in avoiding IP address tracking, as it keep on changes whereas if you have a fixed IP address, the chances of getting it tracked are higher. You must not grant permission to cookies to enter in your computer, as cookies are the easiest way to track a computer. In case you have allowed cookies to your computer, then go to browser settings and delete it as soon as possible. These are some of the useful tips for preventing the IP address to be tracked. In case, it has been tracked then use our online Class C Checker tool and get the details of all the duplicate IP address. Now you can block all the duplicate address and our tool will make sure they are never linked with your IP address again.


Why is it Important?

The most important reason to use this tool is

  • Check the websites which you are sharing the IP with, is harmful to PageRank?
  • Are these Subnets are blocked?
  • How many Domains are sharing same server?

These are some major reason, to take care your website’s ranking. It is crucial to use Class C IP Checker tool to find out all of these.

Class C IP Checker Tool is a simple and accurate tool that displays to you the class of IP address of the domain which you can use to know that whether or not the same address is duplicated.