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What is Freeseo-Tools Color Picker?

Freeseo-Tools Color Picker is color baking tool, where you can create beautiful colors for your web applications and other desktop applications.With this tool you can control various aspects of your desire color like you can control Hue,Saturation,Lightness and Alpha. Now you might be wondering what is Hue,Saturation,Lightness and Alpha?


Well Hue we see mostly as color.Its calculated in degree from 0 to 360 more like color wheel.It start from red to yellow then from yellow to lime then from lime to aqua and then from aqua to magenta and then finally it back to red. So this mean that it 0 degree we have red and then it 360 degree we have red again.So in short words we can say that Hue represent base color.

Hue Color Ribbon


Well Saturation represents Purity of Hue that how much pure is our Hue. Saturation is calculated in terms of percentage and its value is between 0% and 100% and 0% saturation will be black always.

Saturation Color Ribbon

Lightness / Brightness

Well Lightness or Brightness in one color represent mix of black and white that how much its mixed with base color. Its also calculated as percentage and its value is between 0% and 100%, where 0% represent black and 100% mean full white.

Brightness Color Ribbon

Once you done with baking the color the tool will output the color into three most widely used formats RGBA,HSLA and HEXA. However if want the output in another format then you can use our Color Converter tool which can convert one color format into many color formats which includes hex,hex8,rgb,hsl,hsv and cmyk. We hope you will like the tool however if you have any suggestion to improve this tool then do not forget to contact us or comment below :).

How to use Freeseo-Tools Color Picker?

Well usage of this tool is pretty simple, you just need to drag and drop you desire color into it or you can select desire color from color palette first then adjust its Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Alpha according to your application needs.