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What are Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)?

Well its good to know that what is CSS if you not know about it. Actually CSS is set of rules which tell our web browsers how to display html content on webpages, like you see styled text content in webpages, beautiful top side banners, content location some on sides and some in center etc like that webpages are beautified by CSS, in short words you can say CSS is like girls makeup kit for webpages through which they are decorated modified in every possible way.

What is Freeseo-Tools Minify CSS tool?

Well Freeseo-Tools Minify CSS tool is one click tool that compress/minify your CSS. Question may raise in your minds that why i need to minify/compress my CSS? sometime when you have a lot of CSS code it increase CSS file size and when user visit your website that big CSS file take time to load because its big in size. So if you minify/compress CSS its size will be reduced and it will load quickly on user end which will improve your website speed. Usage of this tool is very simple you just need to input your CSS code and press minify CSS button, it will be minified instantly. Do not worry your CSS code is safe our tool work entirely on user side no data is sent outside your browser :).Also there is undo feature in our tool which can revert your CSS code back to its original form.