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What is JavaScript(JS) and Its Importance?

Well its good to know first that what is JavaScript? Well about JavaScript we have talked in detail in our JS Compressor tool which is designed to compress several JS files into one. However short summary will be that JavaScript is Scripting language used to interact with webpages it client side ,it include various things like validiting user inputs it client side, processing data or can say sending data to server without reloading webpage, dynamic effects to webpages etc all are done through javascripting.

Benefits of Minifying JS Code?

Well its good to know that what are the benefits of Minifying JavaScript code. First Minifying mean removing unwanted parts of code and making the js code size smaller like by removing spaces, comments etc from it, so next question arise that what benefit it will give me if my js code size is smaller? JS code small size mean that it will be loaded quickly it client side and which mean faster webpage loading , because as long as JS files is not loaded the webpage will not show its dynamic effects, because these dynamic effects are in action due to JavaScript we can say that minifying js files mean website speed boosting which is good thing because nowadays user have no time to wait for webpages to load, they cant wait much if website not load quickly they will close webpage and will search for some another alternative source.Another big advantage of JS minification is that it save us bandwidth , i mean it save server bandwidth as well as user bandwidth nowadays its era of smart phones and smartphones data packages are expensive so user will be happy if its bandwidth is saved and will be revisiting your website.

What is Freeseo-Tools Online Minify JS Tool?

Well Freeseo-ToolsOnline Minify JS Tool is one click tool that can instantly minify your JS code it client side, ya Freeseo-Tools team designed this tool to be operated 100% it client side, its powered by JavaScript and as we know JavaScript run it client side. So unlike other tools which send data to their servers for processing and their are high chances that users JS code is leaked in advance, but Freeseo-Tools Minify JS tool 100% work it client side so that our user data is protected 100% because we care our user privacy :).Usage of this tool is very simple just copy and paste your JS code in text-area and click Minify JS blue button and then our tool will minify it and you can copy minified code or can click Download to File which will write your minifed JS code on file and will trigger download it your side, you may get warning from browser that this file may harm your computer as this is JS file so browser display this warning but feel free to ignore this message because its js file which have your minified code. Beside this if your JS code as big then you can load your JS file directly by clicking blue browse button and then click minify js button. If any issue with this tool or any improvement you want to suggest feel free to post in our support forums which you can visit by clicking Forums button it top menu :).