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Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker Tool tells the date and time that when the website will last cache by Google. A better cache helps in better indexing. Find out the Cache details by entering the website details below.

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About Google Cache Checker

Google cache checker Tool is an automated system. It caches your website at a particular period all your webpages. If the robots crawl your site, it will re-update the cache of the webpage into google, the main server. It is for better ranking on the search engines. Whether you upgrade any new content, the crawler is working on indexing. As soon as your web page gets indexed, a cached copy of your webpage will show when the last bot crawled.

If you would like to create a robot file, use our free robots txt generator application. If you want to find how Google spider will do the job, check the search engine spider simulator.

The primary purpose of this tool to identify cache status info when it was last modified. By searching each URL for cache, status requires a long little time around google. We bought a tool to find cache status within seconds rather than waiting for quite a while. The internet google checker tool is perfect and gets checked on any device. It gets recommended as one of the most crucial SEO tools by professionals.

Google Cache Checker - Check Cached URLs

Web Pages are not analyzed by Google in real-time. That’s obvious because thousands of websites are being made online every day. It is almost impossible to keep track of everything in real-time. That’s where caching comes into play. The way it works is, Web Crawlers crawl your website and then save a copy of its contents on the servers. This copy may contain the HTML or other content of your page. And then, later on, Google analyzes it squeakily according to a routine for indexing.

Why Use Google Cache Checker?

Google Cache view tool is a must-have tool for SEO professionals and web specialists. These are the people responsible for preparing reports about the performance of your website. There are many ways through which this can be done but using a Cache Checker is the fastest way to go.

Google Cache analyzer doesn’t just help analyze the Google search index of your website as same the as Google index pages checker. It also shows the performance of your website in terms of loading speed and bandwidth usage. Caching reduces bandwidth usage and lag in server load. This SEO tool helps you see if your page was being cached by Google or not? Also, how long has it been since your webpage was last being visited by Google? Once your website is live, Google caches all the important factors of your website like HTML content including links etc. And whenever another frequent request for a certain webpage is being made by the client then that cached version is being shown to them including the cached URLs. All of this information is being mentioned in the SEO report generated by the Google Cache tool.

Googlebot cache all the site in the same pattern and index on the internet search engine. It doesn't show the same results, but it affects if any new modifications get updated on the page. It reflects the updated version of google cache. For quick index or crawl, URL use Backlink URL Ping Tool here.

Google also offers a mechanism through which you can check your website cache. This is how you do it with your Google Chrome browsers. You need to write this in the URL bar:


But as you can see, with this you can only check one webpage at a time. What if you own more than one website? If you are an SEO expert then you’ll obviously need to check a lot of websites. This could be extremely time-consuming. With our Google Cache tool, you can check page cache for a number of pages in one go. Use our free Google Cache Checker and save yourself the trouble of going through each webpage separately.

How to check Google Cached data using FreeSeo-Tools?

It's so simple to use that tool. Just follow these steps about how to use it.

  • Go to the tool page.


  • Open the google cache viewer tool.


  • Type or paste the website URL with Http and https.


  • Click the submit button.


  • The tool will show the time for the last cached data on Google.

Google Cache Viewer Features:

  • Tells you the Date and Time for when your webpage was being visited by Google to crawl your website
  • Generates an in-depth Cache report for your website
  • Allows you to analyze more than one website and also the website of your competitors
  • It is totally free and requires no download
  • It is user-friendly

Conclusion: Google Cache check tool by FreeSeo-Tools is a useful tool for generating a quality SEO cache report for your website. SEO professionals all over the world have trusted this tool to be an important part of their SEO tools arsenal. This tool will help you know if your page is being recognized by Google or not and whether your content is reaching out to your targeted audience or not. Use this tool for free and devise an effective SEO strategy for your website.