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RGB to Hex

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About RGB to Hex

What is RGB and HEX color codes?

Well RGB stands for Red, green, Black. With these three colors combination different colors can be rendered , like if you fully mix red,green and blue you will get white but if you disappear them you will get black and so is a lot of combinations are rendered through these 3 colors. RGB is widely used in digital applications like screens of TV, mobile phones, computers, laptops etc with RGB we see these beautiful pictures on our appliances screens.To Get different color through RGB color format red, gree and blue values are set in range of 0 to 255.

Well Hex color code is popular among designers and developers which they used on web designing. Hex color code is represented by six digits combination of letters and numbers. Hex color code is basically RGB but its twisted conversion to make it shorted which is done through hexadecimal numbers in it.Its widely used in web designing and by developers because they mostly used hexadecimals in their daily lives so its easy to use hex color codes for them and beside this plus point of using hex color code is it need little memory compare to rgb.

What is Freeseo-Tools RGB to Hex convertor?

Well as the name of tool tells its one click converter of RGB to Hex, with which developers and web designers can easily and quickly get their fav hex code from RGB. Usage of this tool is very simple just input RGB colors or use the bars to set RGB color and then click convert button to get hex color, this tool will also convert rgb to HSL about which we will talk later in next tool.