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About Social Stats Checker

Social Stats Checker is a very helpful SEO tool developed byf FreeSeo-Tools. What this tool does is to figure out how much strong your social presence is. The statistics of your social media provided by this tool helps to find how many social signals you have got. All you need to is enter your site's URL into the box, and our free tool will provide you a complete detail of social signals displayed in a neat way. 

At this stage, this free SEO tool provides the number of likes, shares and comments on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

For worldwide exposure to your business and generate a tremendous amount of traffic, you need to enhance your site's presence in social media. Before you could do as such, ensure that you use the fast and free Social Stats Checker.

You can also use this tool to check the social stats of your competitors sites. In this way, you can get to know that how much social shares has the competitor, and you can try your luck by providing more social signals to your site than your competitor. If you do proper SEO and provide more social signals to your site, then surely you will stay ahead of the competition. 

Some online marketers are also using FreeSeo-Tools Social Stats Checker tool, to check whether they got social signals from after buying paid services or not. Like many people offer social signals for as low as $5 on Fiverr, now after buying that service, how would you get to know that whether you have got social signals or not? You can use our tool for this stuff too!

Free Seo Tool Social Stats Checker is a fast and reliable tool which don't need any signup or registration. It can run on almost every browser and provides 100% accurate results in no time. It's a free SEO tool that will help you analyze your social stats, and you will get to know which social channels are working well for you and which ones aren't working.

Why count shares?

Because this is cool, that's why!

Seriously, here are just some reasons:

  • You can check if your content is shareable. That is, if people like it or not. Make changes to the way you present your content if you receive little or no shares.

  • You can see if your social media marketing hits the target. When you promote your website in social media it is crucial to see if your efforts are successful. Share count growing over time is a simple indicator of a successful SMM campaign.

  • You can keep an eye on competitor social campaigns. If competitors suddenly increase their presence in social media, this is a sign that you probably should reinforce your activity too.

  • You can detect fraudulent shares and fake social network audience. Naturally, shares count grows gradually. So if on a historic report of Share Count Checker you see an abrupt increase of shares, this means the website is using some illegitimate ways to boost social indicators.

  • You can control SMM agencies and see if they are providing fair services or not. If you are to hire some SMM agency, you better learn beforehand if they are using fraudulent ways to boost social indicators. You want real social audience, not the fake one. And with Share Count Checker you can easily detect suspiciously numerous share counts in short time periods.